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Queensland team named

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Queensland have named their side for the first State of Origin;
1. Billy Slater, 2. Brent Tate, 3. Greg Inglis, 4. Justin Hodges, 5. Israel Folau, 6. Karmichael Hunt, 7. Johnathan Thurston, 8. Carl Webb, 9. Cameron Smith (capt), 10. Petero Civoniceva, 11. Michael Crocker, 12. Sam Thaiday, 13. Dallas Johnson. Interchange: 14. PJ Marsh, 15. Ben Hannant, 16. Nate Myles, 17. Jacob Lillyman
What do you make of the selections? Can they beat the Blues? Who was unlucky to miss out?
User comments
He is a very talented leader and should have been selected not only to play but to captain the team to victory. I think that Thurston and Princey would play a great game together.
Princey should have been in the selections to start with he has great leadership and always sets up good plays. He Always Delivers
How bout the queensland selectors pick a side of players that are in form instead of going just for the big names. There is no doubt prince should have been put as halfback and thurston at fifth eighth, and what was tate doing in there. He has not been in form for the last few years as it showed last night.
im a huge QUEENSLANDER supporter i think the selectors picked a great team,i think it was just the blue's night just be passionate about it and keep it cool co's theres the second and third games to come,Hunt perfomed really good i really think he did,and big MAL did a good job preparing the side,i think QUEENSLAND should stick to the same side that played in sydney cos the next time around they gonna bring back the biff co's i think the bash brotheRS DIDN'T really perform co's ''BIG WEBBY''was out there so as Willie Mason he was a bit quiet to,one last thing ''shut up PHIL GOULD''KIWI'S LOVE QUEENSLANDER...!!!i think SONY BILL want's to play for the MAROONS as well co's they're more passionate about it...!!!
well we all knew what would happen and it did. hunt would have to be the most overrated player for years. wayne bennett could not beleive that he would be put in as 6 he coaches him every day what a joke. NSW relatives have been laughing ever since the team was announced. I wonder what meninga and pals will do now, what are they going to use to keep scott prince out now they call it team dynamics well we all saw what that was. meninga comment on prince that someone has to miss out, well we all know who that should be. when hunt and pj marsh are left out hope meninga and pals are sent packing to. thought origin was about the best players sure made us look a joke.
To everyone saying Prince is better than Thurston, i would just like to point out that Prince is playing in a team on top of the comp and Thurston is playing in a team coming second last. Thurston looks just as good as Prince in a team struggling which in my books makes him still the best footballer going around. Prince to be picked at five-eighth alongside JT should have been a no-brainer. The Blues wouldnt know where to look if they were both on the park. Very poor selection for five-eighth selectors. Hunt is the most overrated player in the game
sorry ado but you have to be joking if you think Thurston is "the form half", he's playing alright but prince clearly has the points on the board. In relation to K...for some reason the selectors just can't do without him, he kept slater out of fullback for a while which was a joke... and i also played most of my junior footy in the number 6 but i wouldnt be waiting for a call up on junior's state of origin. Prince should be in the side and J.T should be playing next to him at second reciever. Having said all this...i'm a cockroach so i think the selectors are on fire!
Ado, Scott Prince is not whinging, you are. The media is calling for his inclusion as are most of the Qld public. Maybe keep your Prince bashing to the locals at Woodford who would listen to you, if any of them still do. You clearly have no idea about Rugby League. I am a Broncos and Hunt fan but to see someone born in NZ picked before the inform player of the comp, born in Qld really does make the STATE OF part of it a joke.
What a whinger this Scott Prince is, this bloke would not hold a candle to Sterling, Mortimer, Hastings and company, they all weren't picked throughout there careers either but they took it on the chin and played harder the next game. This premadona is kidding himself, Thurstan is the form half,he gets picked in my book, now for the number six the kid picked played most of his junior rep footy at 6 and had Lockyer not switched to that position at the Donkeys he would have played there as well. Bennett swaped Lockyer there due to K's age of 17, he will do a great job. Leave the whingers for the Blues, you lost me Prince this is a man's game

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