Sir Donald Bradman 'was loathed'
Mat Mackay, WWOS
07:30 AEST Thu Aug 23 2012
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Former Australia cricketer Gary Cosier has risked the ire of fans across the country after claiming the legendary Sir Donald Bradman was loathed by many players.

Cosier, who played 18 Tests for Australia, was thrown back into the public spotlight this week after being portrayed as a World Series Cricket outcast in Channel Nine’s hit TV series Howzat.

He believes dislike for 'The Don' was one of the main reasons that Australia’s top cricketers chose to sign up for Kerry Packer’s famous cricket revolution.

"The thing that hasn't been written before is that during the 1977 Centenary Test at our pre-match gathering, Rod Marsh and a few other players were just so harsh on Bradman," Cosier told The Courier-Mail.

"We were there to play against the Poms the next day and Sir Donald got as big a serve as any of the Englishmen did - probably a lot more.

"There was an intense, I don't know if hatred is the right word, but dislike (for Bradman).

"Plenty of the players were carrying on about Bradman and saying they couldn't stand him. As long as Bradman was alive, they thought he kind of ran Australian cricket, and they didn't like that."

While Cosier was not offered a breakaway contract like most of his teammates at the time, he has dismissed suggestions he is bitter.

He says his portrayal in Howzat! is consistent with what occurred.

Sir Donald Bradman, who died in 2001, is arguably cricket’s most revered figure and widely regarded as the greatest batsman of all time.

After 52 Test matches, he finished with a batting average of 99.94, before serving as an administrator, selector and writer for three decades.

Do you think Cosier is right to speak about Sir Donald Bradman?
Do you believe Sir Donald Bradman was an unpopular figure?
Was World Series Cricket good for the game?

User comments
i think the don was the best in his day but i also think , Richards , Lara , Tendulka , both Chappell's would have averages somwhere over 300 playing in his day , and most of the current top 100 over the past 30 years would have averages somewhere in the high 90s, the bowlers and other players were not really that good then.
Hey Gary, how about voicing your opinion when the subject was still alive you coward
Bill O'Reilly and Jack Fingleton rightly despised Bradman. There was a sectarian divide in the team fuelled by Bradman's dislike and distrust of the Catholics in the team.
He was the greatest batsman ever and god knows how may runs he would have made had he played in the modern era but common knowledge was he wasn't a well liked man by his peers. He was one of a kind and just because he wasn't liked does not change the fact he was the best.
Larwood, Voce and Bowes were pretty good and very fast.
The detractors of Sir Donald Bradman have summarised him as a controlling, autocratic man motivated by money (or the reluctance to part with it). Some people might describe Kerry Packer in the same light
Obviously Cosier is just stating what was well known anyway The Don was from a generation of frugality and did not want to pay the players properly. Chappell and co. were not fans of the Don and this has been previously documented
Don Bradman, a legend as he is, would struggle in today's cricketing world. As he would've in the late seventies against the true fast bowlers that his day couldn't imagine. And for the man himself, it takes a tragic like John Howard to appreciate the sort of arrogance and ownership of something that was not his. NB Bishen, Cozier(sic) made it to the top echelon and played 18 tests for Australia.
I suppose some people will do or say anything for attention! Remember the old saying...........Don't criticize the dead, as they aren't here to defend themselves!! However in Gary's case... Diarrhea of the mouth, constipation of ideas.
Let a Legend rest in peace. Easy to attack one when he is not here to defend himself. I agree with another comment, Gary who?

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