Retiring Stoner may switch to V8 Supercars
By Guy Hand
17:07 AEST Fri May 18 2012

Casey Stoner's long-term future could lie in V8 Supercars after the two-time world motorcycle champion's shock MotoGP retirement.

Australian Stoner stunned the motorsport world by announcing he will quit at the end of the MotoGP season for "family reasons", aged just 26.

Stoner, MotoGP's defending champion and this year's points leader after winning two of the season's three events, made his announcement ahead of Sunday's French Grand Prix.

Stoner tested a V8 Supercar last December with championship benchmark Team Vodafone, recording competitive lap times and impressing the team.

He has received a glowing endorsement from three-time V8 champion Craig Lowndes, who worked with Stoner during his testing and believes he could successfully switch from two wheels to four.

"He's an avid follower of what we do every weekend," Lowndes said of Stoner, who is a big fan of the sport.

"The bike guys seem to cross over fairly well ... he was very determined, very focused.

"He took it very seriously.

"It's going to be very interesting to see where he ends up at the end of the year.

"He's very talented. No doubt if he crossed over, he'd bring that talent with him."

Australian motorcycling champions Wayne Gardner and the late Gregg Hansford switched to touring car racing with mixed success.

Like Stoner, Gardner was a former world motorcycling champion who took time to adjust to four wheels, though he finished third twice at Bathurst.

Queenslander Hansford won the Bathurst 1000 alongside Larry Perkins in 1993, but was killed while racing a Super Touring car at Phillip Island two years later.

Stoner said he had lost the passion for bike racing, which prompted his unexpected decision to quit.

"After a long period of thought and numerous discussions with my wife and family, I have decided to stop competing at the end of the season," the Honda rider said.

"After so many years taking part in this sport that I love, and with all the sacrifices that I have had to make, I no longer have the passion to continue and I think that it is best to stop."

Stoner, who also won the world title in 2007 with Ducati, became a father for the first time in February when his wife Adrianna gave birth to a daughter.

Despite his blistering start to the season, Stoner has been critical of a series of technical changes to the sport he claims are undermining the championship.

He has also been battling cramps in his arms that prove particularly painful under braking.

Nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi, one of Stoner's great rivals, said he was shocked by the Australian's decision.

"It's bad news for the world of MotoGP," Rossi said.

"At the end of the season, we are going to lose a great rider and a great rival, but it's his decision."

User comments
I can't believe he's just quit the sport that's made him, I had alot of respect for Casey but he's lost it now. I wonder what Doohan and other greats of the sport think of it.
I lost so much respect for Stoner doing this because he didn't give a real reason.. there are people out there that would love to race with Honda. if he joins V8 next year thats very selfish by him
Not many people get to go out on top. He's one of the best in the world and at such a young age. It's obvious his priorities have changed and he's accommodating them with making a very wise decision. With all the money he's earned from winning races and endorsements he could do anything he wanted if he plays his cards right. Good for him and best of luck.
I was shocked by the news. But understand why. No one can ride that Ducati like you can! Awesome watching you two wheel drift that Ducati round corners. Hope you win the title again this year. There's nothing more to prove, you're the best, and you're a millionaire. Enjoy your family life on the farm in Australia and race the much safer V8 Supercars for the rest of your career. Enjoy and God Bless.
congratulations Casey!!!
i really cant stand these people who bag Casey stoner for retiring i bet they are still standing in queue for there next centrelink cheque casey has proved to the world and us aussies he is a world no 1 so casey hope you have a great retirement and do decide to go with the v8s next year maybe team up with loundes as he is no1 driver to
VR46 Brisbane & Vale Melbourne. Both obviously fell off their dinkies when they were 2 years old and now hate any one that can ride a bike with two wheels. Really, are you true Aussie's. And you ROSSI fans, everyone knows that he paid for eight of those nine championships, look at him now cried to get on the Ducati after STONES won with it, and can't ride it. Just goes to show that Casey is truely the best in the business. Enjoyed every lap of your career and you deserve every accolade thrown your way. Will miss you in the sport. Good luck to you and your family in whatever pursuits you may follow in the future.
To Vale, VR46 and sexpanther, here is a saying from the late great Barry Sheene that applies to you all, NO Brain- No Headache. Latte sipping scooter riders.
good on you casey you deserve all the best thinks that life brings putting your nutts on the line every time you get on one of those monsters you call a motor bike
I totally agree with Caseys decision. The only part I disagree with is stayin on til the end of the season. If his body and soul isn't in it 100% anymore he becomes a danger to himself and the other riders
You legend Casey! The sport will miss you immensely
Well done and thanks for the memories.You were brilliant. Its your life so do whatever makes YOU happy. Above all enjoy the love your family life brings.
I heard that the reason that he is retiring is because he is sick of carrying those huge balls of steel around the world. Good news that he is likely to be using a taxi to help with the load from now on, bring on Stoner 888.
Well what a shock, Casey has done himself and his family proud, if only some other elite sportspeople could take a look at Casey, they may learn something. His skills on the bike and his on-going public life played out in the media has been always been professional from this young man. He will never be forgotten, not by me and Im sure many others. His decision and his way in the end, regardless of the future earnings his family unlike the rest of todays society has come first, and you have to applaud this young man for the decision. I know I do, well done Casey and enjoy some time with your family, a true Aussie, Vale casey !
you lived the dream, move to the next one, well done champ
Yes, I think Casey is too young to retire. He is already a champion and an Australian sporting icon, but he probably could improve even more in his chosen sport and stay on top for quite a few more years. However, it is a very dangerous sport and it is good to see him retiring while he is still on top. I thank him for putting Australia on the map with all his great achievements in his chosen sport.
Great effort no child deserve to see his father be killed on a race track
Good on him for putting his family first.I've heard talk about this for a while now, but V8's aren't that much safer. My 3 yr old daughter loves him. Her make a wish was to go and see him race at Phillip Island, guess we'll have to think of something else.
Hip Hip Hooray!!!!! You legend mate. Good career and if you see fit to retire for family then good decision. All the best to you and family.
Bit of a shock, but Casey has nothing left to prove to anyone. He's done it all the hard way which has made him the popular man he is. I will miss his spectacular riding style and the blunt aussie way he dealt with the media and some of the european drama queens he raced against. Every time they said he would fail, he triumphed-love it. (who else has been able to win on the ducati, let alone take the world title) Game set and match to a true blue aussie champion. Have to respect a man who goes out on his own terms at the top of his game, putting his family first. Good luck to Casey and his family.
Casey, sad to hear the news, but all the best in future endeavours. One suggestion, get some designers to make a few new helmet schemes so they will start producing some good replica helmets when you depart the GP. Way too may Rossi replica helmets out there! Come on, you know it's true.
Good on you Casey!! for the memorable moments in motoGP and respect to you for putting your family first.
As we all should be doing, Whats right for Number 1 and if he feels so the sport aswell he has his reasons not excuses. I grew up watching Gardner with Doohan proving himself it took a few years but then along comes another ball tearing Aussie Mr Casey Stoner.What a privelage ithas been to be able to have these 3 as fellow countrymen repesenting in this sport. Nothing but RESPECT to you Casey.
Nice move Casey...get out while you still can and enjoy what you've got. There's nothing more depressing than an old motorcycle racer trying to prove something.
Stoner's proposed retirement is his affair,and only he know the truth behind it. But,in a sport riddled with advertising dollars, I wouldn't mind speculating that it's those greedy corporations whose money now runs many sporting events,is just one that have been factored into his decision to leave the sport.
On ya mate, Nothing more you have to prove. Just make sure you do a sic mono and skid at Phillip Island. Blow the tyre out. Bugger that you are moving on but no doubt in time whether it be two or four wheels I reckon you will be back going hard. All the best. Cheers for the thrills!
All the best mate! Will miss watching you ride.
Good,this man is not a true aussie and the way he speaks to the media about the sport that made him i hope he breaks both of he's legs this weekend....The Doctor 9 times world champion no one can match that
Casey you simply are a freak. Rossi could not ride the same bike when he joined Ducati - that say it all. Retire from Moto knowing you and you family sacrificed so much to achieve all you have achieved and at the top of the "Game" Perfect timing
So sorry to see you go Casey, but you will be remembered as a great rider by me, the way you and loris rode that ducati i dont think we will ever see anyone ride the duke like you did. I hope you and your young family have good luck and good health in the future.You deserve it. Go out there and show all the haters in this room why i think you are better than mighty mick and win this years title for yourself ( and of course your family ) and no-one else, you have more than done australia proud. Whos the next aussie motogp rider to step up? Wayne Gardiner left, then Mighty Mick stepped up and then retired, Gaza Mccoy came along and thrilled us with his wild slides, Troy Bayliss added another aussie race winner, then along came the baby faced assassin Casey Stoner, from the looks of things i dont see anyone who has the talent to step up now, the moto gp paddock will be short an aussie for a while.

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