Arthur named new Australia cricket coach
By Paul Mulvey
18:22 AEST Tue Nov 22 2011
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Mickey Arthur aims to rebuild Australian cricket with a formula that has been missing of late - consistent selection, clear roles for players and an ability to win on the subcontinent.

The South African will take over for the first Test against New Zealand starting on December 1, knowing he and his fellow selectors face some immediate tough decisions.

But Arthur wouldn't be drawn on the future of veteran Ricky Ponting, deferring that call to the first meeting of new chairman of selectors John Inverarity and his panel.

"It's hard coming in from the outside not knowing what's going on in the team - that'll be a discussion and something for John Inverarity to take up," he said after his appointment as national coach was announced on Tuesday.

But the man who took South Africa from the No.5 Test nation and No.6 one-day team to the top of both world rankings has a clear vision of what he can do for Australia.

"The key to ultimate success is strong leadership, clear role definition and consistent selection," Arthur said.

From there, Australia needs to take little steps on the way up the same big climb made by his South African side.

The first step is two Tests against New Zealand, followed by four against India and a tour of the West Indies.

"You take the little steps one at a time and hopefully we will then have a team capable to going to England and winning the Ashes there (in 2013)," he said.

"I'd like us to focus on the small little goals first."

Then the big goal.

"If you want to be No.1, you've got to win on the subcontinent," he said.

"Four teams play out of the subcontinent, you've got to have the ability to mix your style up at any given time."

The 43-year-old won't change Australia's style too much. Just a few tweaks, he says, while retaining the principles of bowlers sending the ball down at 140km/h, flamboyant batsmen who score at a quick rate and agile fielders - like the South African side he coached from 2005 to 2010.

And, like his Proteas, he wants to build the team around several pillars he and the new selectors will identify in the coming months.

Arthur couldn't say whether Ponting will be one, but suggested new golden boy Pat Cummins could be - as long as the 18-year-old quick is managed properly.

"The emphasis is on squad, you need to have a squad of X amount of players who all have the ability to play international cricket at any given time," he said.

"With six Test matches in eight weeks coming up, it's going to be tough on the bowlers having to win games day in and day out. We need to have depth and a fast bowling battery to achieve what we want."

As coach of Western Australia since 2010, Arthur has seen enough good batsmen in the country putting pressure on the incumbents, but would like to see better treatment of the spinners.

The tweakers have suffered most from inconsistent selection, with 11 used since Shane Warne's retirement in 2007.

"Select one and back him in to do a job, give him clear role clarity," Arthur said.

He's excited by the challenge of taking on a once great team in what he euphemistically called "transition" and trying to rebuild it to former glories, unencumbered by any baggage.

"I think I bring a fresh, unblinkered eye to the role," Arthur said.

"Australian cricket is in a very exciting phase."

The first foreigner to coach Australia, Arthur beat Steve Rixon, Justin Langer and Tom Moody to the job and expects he'll have no problem earning the respect of the players.

Is Mickey Arthur the right man for the job?
Should the Australia coaching job be reserved for Australians?
What should be Arthur's prime focus?
Can Australia dominate the sport again?

User comments
Aussie Cricket Coach, if you feel dirty being australian then I suggest you go top yourself you loser!!
WOW it really sickens me to see all the racists & discriminative comments posted by Australians above!, its those sort of attitudes that makes me feel dirty being Australian!! Clearly Micky Arthur is the best candidate for the job, he's the ONLY applicant to be successful in the role already, he lead the SA international team from such a low point in the ICC ranks to world domination in the sport, he also lead the SA team on that tour of Aus the first team to beat us at home in decades!! Tim Neilsen was a totally hopeless coach he always seemed really awkward and uncomfortable, whenever speaking to the media so much so he was hard to watch, the reason the Australian team went down hill so quickly was because of his leadership he should have never been appointed coach. Anyone who says Clarke is a hopeless captain, at least he has not lost a series in charge so far and his batting seems to have improved since taking over...
Credit to the ACB for a refreshing view of Australian cricket. I think Arthur is a good appointment, and whilst I admit to not being a Michael Clarke fan initially, I think he is shaping up to be a good captain. A lot of us were not overly enamoured by Allan Borders apointment as captain, but I now rate captain grumpy very highly. And Clarke is in a similar position having to captain an emerging group following the retirement of greats of the game. I see young guys like Khawaja, Cummins,Lyons and maybe Wade being the future of our side. Come on Aussie come on, but give 'em time please.
I don't think at this level a coach is really going to make or break a game. They have that many different coaches from batting to bowling. Media to how to treat women. This is just a figure head. What do you tell a player who has been the best at what he does all his life. I just think it is funny that the Aussie public got the *** with the Australian cricket team for flogging everyone. Then when they start losing everyone wants blood. Make your mind up Australia.
I'm liking this appointment, now all we need is Waqar Younis or someone of his ilk as bowling coach to teach our bowlers how to reverse swing the ball. The issue with our bowlers is not their lack of talent or ability, but their lack of understanding of the dynamics and mechanics of swing bowling. Mitchell Johnson is the perfect example - Extraordinarily gifted and utterly frightening on his day but has no idea how it is that he does what he does.
Clarke favoured Rixon for the job, I wonder how he must be feeling now? it will be a real character test for both men in this coming summer and I will be watching very closely!!
well done to cricket australia got the best man for the job it does not mater were they come from as long as they r the best for the job look at soccer what they have done for us there people who dont think he is the best man for the job dont know the cricket to well go aussie
Fantastic decision to hire someone from outside of the current parochial, broken system. It rarely makes sense to hire someone from within the system to fix it! Arthur will struggle to implement change due to opposition from those with deep seated interests in the current system, and those opposed to change of traditional conventions. I wish him all the best. If he succeeds, we may at last get the opportunity to see the full strength of Australian talent devoid of discrimination and biases.
wow things must be awfully tough,for our cricket team,having a south African coach.Just shows Australia, has no more Cricketers good enough to coach here anymore. England is a little different, they have more than two thirds of their team from other countries,and i don't think, that they ever, fielded a full English born team. Not since i was born anyway.sixty five years.Soon we Australian's, will have other non Australian born players in our team in years to come. so get with it boys.make way for a 1percent Australian born team, just like Good old England
A good choice to have an unbiased person at the helm.Just hope he gets the full backing of the board when he makes the necessary changes.
Congratulations to Mickey Arthur on being announced the new coach of the Australian Cricket Team. Maybe this is what is needed in Australian Cricket. Someone from outside looking at what happens. We could have gone for someone who knows the Australian Cricket culture, but this may be the problem. They say it is harder to get out of the Australian side then get it, an outsiders view may change this. Over the past few years there has been all these complaints about the Australian Cricket. We got rid of Neilson, someone who knew the culture, all the good it did for him. Mickey led South Africa to nine series in a row undefeated, so he knows how to guide a Test playing nation cricket side to success. Who he barracked for in the just completed Test match doesn't matter, it does matter who he barracks for in Australia's next match. He is the Australian coach now, and has to support Australia. Give Mickey at least 12 months, then look at what state Australian Cricket is in. Give him some time
I agree with you ., best man for the job regardless where he comes from - by the way you forgot the reigning Shield Holders
The one thing Australia needs most is someone who is NOT australian. With an overseas coach you have someone from outside our system who isnt stuck with the "old boys" club that makes getting out of the Australian team even harder than getting in. Look at how many of our players in the past 20 years have averaged substantially worse in their last 4 years than in the rest of their career. Most cricket nations have succeeded the best with a foreign coach as they can bring about transition. I dont know if Arthurs is the man or not, but his nationality is an advantage, not a disadvantage. We are where we are now because of Cricket Australias nepotism and this is the single biggest step forward.
When the Aussies start winning test matches again we can all celebrate with a brew from that other great South African company, Fosters......
Won't matter who the coach is while we have NOHOPER Michael Clark as captain.
two words - STEVE WAUGH!!!!!!!!!
The best choice for the job. Being a west aussie i dont believe anyone can do a damned thing with the West Aussie teams they seem to have a i dont give a rats attitude. Mickey Arthur took South Africa to number 1 in the world in all formats. Brilliant move by Cricket Australia.
How can you pick a foreigner to coach a national team? They don't have the passion that comes from being born in this country. He better be good because if not the players won't work for him. Any way what's wrong with the pick of the aussies? didn't work with robbie deans.
what joke .what we need is an australian coach not an import. firstly id get rid of james sutherland and work my way down cricket australia needs a total clean out from the top down
hey whingers support is needed, don't like it follow bowls or darts get over it ....... whingers
Seriously, who are all you people to whinge. Its nothing to do with passion and having to be aussie. Guus Hiddink turned the socceroos around - he was from overseas. Simply put, australians have coached alot of the international cricket teams ie india, sri lanka etc and noone complained there. Its like any job, goes to the person with the right credentials and who is right for the job, and mickey arthur has that ability. He turned SA from a ordinary team into a team who ended up being world number 1. Since he stopped coaching them they have started alipping again. He is a good coach. Its not his fault WA is lacking talent in comparison to VIC QLD NSW and even South Aus. I say good luck to him, he could be the change we need. I like the whole approach that cricket australia has taken, changing selection panel and having the captain involved. Exciting times in australia.
I suppose all those that think Mickey is not good enough to be the Australian coach because he is not Australian are not descended from immigrants, are they? I am sure all those with parochial racist attitiudes are all indiginous Australians and not descended from immigrants themselves- NOT.
what are they doing going outside aus for the coach surely there is someone in our own country good enough to coach our team mickey was allready booted from south africa for a crap job and has done nothing while being here in aus why not give steve rixon ago or even tom moody they know what has to be done we need to let ponting go mitchell johnston is a no hoper good luck aussies we are going to need it
This is a disgrace. Didn't we pay lot's of money to train and coach past players. Surely they would have learn't along the way how to coach a team. Yes Australia like everything else let's just waste money and send more of it overseas.I think it's time the public had a say in these things, first thing would be to vote out the cricket board.
What has happened to Aussie cricket? We have good local coaches, like Steve Rixon, so why not give one of them the national job. If they fail, then look overseas. I wish Mickey Arthur well, but if he fails........
We should give Robbie Deanes the job. Same silly accent.
This is a disgrace !! With top level former Australian test players applying for the job it is a disgrace we have appointed someone from overseas for the position... It has done nothing for Rugby union and it will do nothing for Cricket.. Without passion nothing is achieved. Yet another major stuff up by Australian Cricket.. why am I not surprised !!
Mickey Arthurs must be a very relieved man right now, must be a huge relief knowing now that he doesnt have to deal with those incompetent pretenders oops sorry i mean warriors
Whilst i do agree with overseas entities coaching our national sides, if at the end of the day, he can get these misfits performing than who cares what nationality he is, lets just start with the chappell hadlee trophy and then see where we go from there
No i am not into overseas people coaching our national sides, however if he is able to turn this motley crew around he is a genius. Hopefully he may be a breath of fresh air the same as Pat Cummins. Let's be honest Tim Neilsen was an absolute joke, this guy could not do any worse.

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