O'hAilpin banned over trial match fight
16:40 AEST Fri Feb 6 2009

Fiery Carlton key position player Setanta O'hAilpin has been suspended indefinitely by the Blues for an extraordinary attack on teammate Cameron Cloke during an AFL intra-club match on Friday.

The Irishman punched and kicked Cloke in the third term of the match, prompting team leader Brendan Fevola to immediately order him from the ground.

The pair had been grappling in an off-the-ball tussle in the third term of the game at Princes Park when O'hAilpin swung a left hook, knocking Cloke to the ground.

As he lay motionless, O'hAilpin kicked him solidly before teammates descended on the pair and the match was halted for 15 minutes.

The incident, described by Carlton coach Brett Ratten as "a poor act", will now be the subject of an AFL investigation.

And O'hAilpin's career with the club is hanging by a thread.

Cloke walked shakily to the bench after being hit and was treated for a cut over his eye.

Blues chief executive Greg Swann moved swiftly to suspend O'hAilpin, saying the attack would not be tolerated.

"Setanta's actions were totally unacceptable, on or off the field and we are bitterly disappointed in the incident with Cameron Cloke," Swann said.

O'hAilpin, who will be ordered to undergo an anger management course, will train with the Blues' VFL affiliate the Northern Bullants while he is suspended.

Carlton said the former hurling star was remorseful and had apologised to Cloke.

His suspension had the full support of the Carlton leadership group.

Although he was not reported at the time, the umpires have lodged a notice of investigation which will bring the incident before the AFL match review panel on Monday.

O'hAilpin has a history of clashing with teammates - he traded blows with Cain Ackland during a club training session in 2007.

Ratten said his action went beyond the boundaries of intense practice matches and admitted it had left the 100 onlookers at the ground stunned.

"I think in practice matches, if you go through history, and training in general there's all the argy-bargy and the odd hit here and things like that - but that is not a part of our game," Ratten said.

"I could believe the push and shove - and I think players first up, there's a lot of anxiousness in trial games and things like that so blokes do overstep the mark a little bit.

"But that action of kicking is not on.

"You even felt in the game it was pretty hard and physical, and that came over the whole ground - you looked around and there were a lot of jaws open to say, `did that really happen?'"

Ratten praised Fevola, recently readmitted to the leadership group following a series of off-field indiscretions, for ordering O'hAilpin off.

"The leadership group sent him home straight away. It was their call - Brendan from the field and then Juddy (captain Chris Judd) said `go home and cool your heels and we'll talk this afternoon'."

O'hAilpin, 24, has played 46 games in four seasons for the Blues.

In further bad news for Carlton, tagger Andrew Carrazzo broke his arm during the match and will be sidelined for six weeks.

User comments
I doubt anyone looks at Setanta as a role model. The guy can't play football and was a major major charity case. I have no idea why Carlton persisted with him, but good riddance. (Yes I do realise your meaning of people in the spotlight being made examples of and I agree.)
If i was walking down the road and was recorded laying into someone i would be charged and sued, why isnt he being treated the same? if anything a personality in the spotlight should be charged to set an example to those who look up to them (and the law). This could explain why young people are getting more and more into trouble and our justice system is letting them of with a slap on the wrist, just like the law turning a blind eye to these criminals (idots breaking the law). See monkey do!
if you look back at the cloke boys games footage they all show tendancies of being it that they think they are true hard men...I've seen nothing more than big dumb baby hueys with no ticker when the acid test was laid cloke seemed keen to go at the start...then when he cops one he lays down like a weak little boy crying for his daddy.
two blokes scuffle....that's footy.....things get heated...that's bloke cops a slappin'......that's footy....same bloke stands over other and kicks him in the date...that's a dog act and the bloke should have his visa revoked
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Little boys always argue over the silliest things. Give them a dummy each to pacify them, and tell them to get a real job.
another fine example of australian rules boxing, crap game with over aggressive meatheads!! but it's big in australia!! lets drink beers and beat people up, no no no lets play footy and smash everyone!!
thats what we want a bit of come on you want to take my spot l will kick the crap out of you bring it on wish it was hes old man
cant these cloke boys handle a punch?? or in this case... a slap
It this players does this is his own team mates what is he going to do to the other clubs Player's. The Irish say we play dirty in the international games.

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