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Hayden announces retirement
13:00 AEST Tue Jan 13 2009
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Australian opener Matthew Hayden announced his retirement from representative cricket, ending a celebrated 103-Test career.

The 37-year-old made the announcement at a press conference at the Gabba on Tuesday after spending the last few days mulling over his dumping from Australia's Twenty20 and one-day squads.

"Today I'm announcing my retirement from representative cricket, effective immediately," Hayden said.

"I know that now is the time to move on."

Hayden said he was proud of having been part of a great era of Australian cricket.

"I've lived the dream of every kid who has ever picked up a bat and ball and wanted to wear the baggy green," he said.

Cricket Australia said Hayden would farewell fans during the innings break at Tuesday night's Twenty20 international match at the Gabba.

"Matthew was an integral part of the most successful era in Australian cricket history," CA chairman Jack Clarke said.

"It would be an interesting task if the (Australian) team of the Century was to be selected today, to rate Matthew against Bill Ponsford and Arthur Morris."

Hayden said he had many things he wanted to focus on in life after cricket.

"I am retiring from cricket, not from life, there is still so much that I want to achieve and contribute to the community," he said.

Family time, cooking, fishing and spending time outdoors were among the passions he wanted to pursue.

Hayden also said he wanted to help promote cricket among the indigenous community and to continue his work with the McGrath Foundation.

"I have no intentions of turning my back on our great game, a game which has given me great joy, rather I would like to focus on some key areas," he said.

Hayden had battled all summer to rediscover the touch that made him one of the premier openers in the nation's cricketing history.

Recently he endured a torrid time with the bat, averaging just 19.5 during Australia's 2-1 Test series loss to the Proteas, their first series loss at home in over 16 years.

Since returning from an Achilles injury this year, Hayden scored 383 runs at 23.93 in his last nine Tests compared to his overall outstanding record of 8,625 runs at 50.73.

His 39 at the SCG last week against South Africa was his highest score in five Tests after failing to pass 50 in two Test series, the other against New Zealand.

Hayden's wife Kellie gave a strong indication the Sydney Test would be her husband's last when she stood and emotionally applauded him off the ground at the SCG.

The Queenslander had been working towards playing a final Ashes series in England this year, before deciding now was the right time to quit.

He has 30 Test centuries to his name and 29 half-centuries.

NSW's Phil Jaques is the likely replacement for Hayden in the Test side if he can fully recover from a back injury in time for next month's return tour of South Africa.

Hayden played 161 one-day internationals for Australia, scoring 6,133 at an average of 43.80 and playing in two World Cup-winning sides.

In the one-day arena he plundered 10 centuries and 36 half-centuries with a top-score of 181 not out.

Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith says Hayden could count himself among the top three left-handers to have represented Australia.

The minister paid tribute to Hayden, saying the 37-year-old was "a great Australian".

Hayden had been a great left-hander for Queensland and for Australia and the public would greet his retirement with great affection, he said.

"I think together with Arthur Morris and Justin Langer he lays claim to being in the top three left-handed opening batsmen for Australia for all time."

Morris had been a member of Don Bradman's 1948 "Invincibles" team.

How will you remember Matthew Hayden?
Should he have batted on?
Who will step into his shoes for the next couple of tours?

User comments
I really don't know why they bother having a press conference for these monkeys. They always say the same thing time after time. Cliches like - "I lived every kid's dream", "I've loved every minute of it", "it's given me such joy" are starting to sound all too familiar. Was this retirement speech he read a generic one that all cricketers who get shafted have to read? I will salute the player that tells it like it is and says, "well, the ACB has given me an ultimatum - retire, or be sacked. I'm not ready to give up the game, but the Board and Australian public want a scapegoat, and are calling for my head. So, screw you all, I quit!
Cricket has lost one of the true legends of the game. Being a left hander like him always made me want to be like him. Thanks for the great memories. PS Media please leave Hussey alone or he will be next.
Tendulkar, Lara, even Mark Taylor, and many other batsmen with a far better record than Hayden didn't need to sledge to get a "mental edge" on anyone. They play(ed) with true sportsmanship, unlike Hayden.
Couldn't have said it better myself....these knockers probably aren't even Australian they are probably still hurting from the times Hayden smashed their countrymen all over the park. There may be talented cricketers in Australia in the waiting but none have the talent of Hayden, and none will be a legend like Hayden as they are rare. We've seen Jacques and Rogers they've had a go and haven't actually set the world on fire, they are nowhere near as intimidating as Matthew Hayden at the crease and won't be feared by bowling attacks like Matthew Hayden was. Our media have just made S.Africa's and England's jobs a hell of alot easier now.....well done clowns in the media.
To all of the Matt Hayden knockers, It is always amazing to see people who have achieved so little in their pathetic lives attack someone who has given his all for State and Country , who has sacrificed so much for Australia, I wonder how many of his childrens birthdays he was not there for or wedding anniversaries he missed because he was proudly representing his country,So to the knockers you have had your 15 minutes of fame pretty insignificant compared to Haydo's 17 years of glory and many more to come, so off you go vanish into oblivion Matt Hayden will still be around for a long time to come.One more thing to those calling for Mike hussey to be next on the chopping block you are hipocrites becuase I am damn sure you were cheering him on as he saved Australia's bacon on Tuesday nite.
to all u morons who have bagged him as bully and a sledger and hold that in more signifigance then his unparraleld record please go watch another sport like chess. i bet none of u have ever played sport at any level let alone elite. it is uncomprmising and they are playing for their livelyhood. to sledge and get in your oppenents ear gives u a mental edge (u armchair experts wouldnt know this) what do want him to do? kiss the new batsman? grow some balls!! think about this. warne, mcgrath, ponting, border, marsh and lille now hayden, all ledgends, all sledgers. u need some mongrel in you to play this game and succeed. for me he was simply the best cricketer i have seen australia produce. a destroyer of new ball attacks, could bat for hours and is statically the best opener we have had. forget ponsford and morris. go do the crosswords puzzels all you precious hayden knockers.
Matty Hayden has been a great ambassador for cricket both test and one day for many years. While all cricketers form goes up and down Matty has made the right decision at the right time given his current form. He is retiring for the right reasons and while he is still at the top of the game. While he will be sorely missed his retirement whill also make way for new talent, of which there is shed loads. Good luck matty in retirement a well played innings and you will be missed
To Danny i think you need to pull your head in and realise what Matty Hayden has done for cricket over the last 10 years. He has been an out standing opener batsman of my era that i have watched over the last 27 years.
durdle, i read your comment about matty hayden and i have also read some of your other comments on various cricket internet discussions. you are such a comedian!! i think that everything you say is sooo true and, although your name durdle sounds really silly, im sure you are such a talented person. your right, matty hayden would make a great commentator and is such a lovely person
Danny, Melbourne, you idiot. well played hayden
I for one am happy that Hayden has joined his yobbo mates Warne & McGrath in retirement. When Ponting & Lee go, I will start supporting the team again. The new guys are great cricketers without being over the top, in your face arrogant bullies & sledgers. Michael Hussey & Stuart Clark are 2 who spring to mind who are admirable role models. As for Hayden's 380 to break the "world record" - what a joke ! Zim & Bangladesh have a fair way to go before they are at true "test cricket" level. Any "records" set against them should not be allowed to stand.
A true champion on and off the paddock. You did it your way Matt, you did it for the right reasons and you stayed true to your beliefs. Thanks for your efforts over many years and best wishes in life in the future. We will miss seeing you walk out at the start of the innings. You were a pillar of strength in the teams you were in.
That wrecka from Lane Cove is right on the mark. Probably has the best leg cutter in world cricket as well. I hope there is as much publicity about the Hayden retirement as there is on the Dragons certain premiership win this year.
Bye Mat. You won't be getting any tears from me. You selfishly overstayed your innings and tried to stretch it to the ashes at the expense of allowing new talent to come through. You were an aggressive, bogan with no class on the field and were a HUGE reason why Aussies like myself turned well off the Australian team years ago. Your comments this week about how "you feel" this is the time to go sum you up perfectly. You act like you had a choice. You were through a year ago but unlike you fellow departees, didn't have the class to go before you faded so dismally. Let's face it, you were pushed and now are trying to act like you are making this graceful exit. Good on the media for jumping off you months ago otherwise we may never have seen this day and the ashes would be lost again.
Vale Matthew Hayden, the greatest flat-track bully of all time. Wipe those tears and put away the Kleenex folks, it's time to break down some stats so that we can see the greatest example of someone who profited more than he should have by being surrounded by some of the greatest players of all time whilst playing against some of the weakest bowling attacks of all time. His first stint of 6 tests against decent attacks reaped 241 runs at 24.10. Following the retirements of Warne, McGrath & Langer (I won't include Martyn as his contributions were ineffectual), 14 tests produced 886 runs at 36.91, and following Gilly's retirement, 9 tests produced 383 runs at 23.93 against improving attacks. In between all this there was much profiteering, except for in England ironically where 10 tests produced 552 runs at 34.50. Sure Matty, bat on. You would've been selected for sure.
Matty`s announcement yesterday completes the team of champion retirees for the 21st century . M Hayden ,J Langer . M Waugh , D Martyn , S Waugh , D Lehmann ,A Gilchrist,S Warne , J Gillespie , S McGill , G McGrath . No country can afford to lose that amount of experience & talent in only a handful of years without it reflecting on results . I am looking forward to our selectors giving more of our young ( under 25 ) the chance to prove themselves . I have enjoyed watching each and every one of our retirees over the past 15 years , too many highlights to name . Knocking off the Poms 5 nil is hard to beat . Thanks for the memories .
for the last 3 months,you have asked us different questions why Hayden should go,does he deserve to go,has he still got it? now you want us to remember him.all I can think of is how the press refused to leave him alone.congrats australian press,you just cut short another career.there you go,I had my say,and I bet this letter dont make the cut either.
I have always been impressed by the character and talent that Matt Hayden batted with. I liked his truthfulness and down to earth nature. I will always remember where I was driving when he broke the world record batting score. Good on you Matt
I wish I could retire from my career, which involves much international travel, like Matty, and spend more time with MY growing children. What a service this man has done for his country and how lucky are we to have had him. A battler, an inspiration, a man who could dig deep and find the necessary strength to continue...and a great cook! Thank you Haydos - enjoy the Ashes from the sidelines - enjoy your children - I am distinctly jealous of you.
The Greatest opener of all time. Would have dominated world cricket for another few years had he been given the chance to regain match form in the onedayers. Looked to be playing brilliantly in in his last innings.
WOW, What can I say? A really great and wonderful cricketer has just left the cricket pitch. Thanks for all the spectacular memories that you've provided over the years throughout your magnificent career. Your bat certainly spoke for itself on many, many occasions whether it was in State, One days, Twenty20 or Test cricket - it'll be sorely missed within the Australian Team. All the best for the future Matt in whatever you choose to do whether it involves cricket or not. Just now enjoy being with your family and reflect on such a brilliant career. Cheers, Fi.
The Backyard Xmas Day Test - "I wanna be Lara" "Shotgun Ponting" "No Way, nobody can play like Hayden!!" I guess you could say thats enough. To be compared by children, adults as well as experts of the game should be enough for us to rembember Matt Hayden asone of the greats, a brilliant advertisment for the game of cricket, as well as a player of extreme talent, Hayden has infected all with the hard hitting, no holds barred style of batting he was known, and will always be loved for, even if the media decided they were over him, the Australian public, as well as any cricketing fan from any country will always hold Hayden in the highest regards.
I just can't help thinking that, maybe, it's just a little bit too soon
I will remember when Matty Hayden making his 380 run in a test match. good luck in your retirement mates
great batsman, but sore loser, sledger,arrogant, lucky era to play in, along with most of them who avg over 50 in current aus team. lucky australia produced warne, if not then era would have not been what it was, well done warne and good luck hayden in the future.
I will always remember hayden as the the last member of the great team a few years ago. The Martyn, Warne, McGrath, GilChrist, Langer... Him and langer were the best opening batsmen i'd ever seen. Now that he's gone, cricket won't hold that special meaning in once did. A great cricketer and a great guy all round. Congrats haydos.
A bloody legend As a 14 yer old kid I'll always remember watching him smash dat 103 runs againest NZ . And his efforts in teh 06.07 Ashes Good luck in retirement Haydos.
Ausy cricket has lost another great player today. Thanks Matty for your great contribution to Australian cricket.
It's a sad day for the real Aussie cricket loving public when media again forces retirement for another cricketing hero....the media should be ashamed. Mat the bat was the most feared opening batsmen in the world, he will be one very missed member of the Australian team, whoever takes his place will find his shoes very hard to fill. We will miss Matty in the Aussie team his presence at the crease and the way he belted the ball, or the way he steady and paced an innings he could do it all.His place at 1st slip is going to be had to fill too.He was a very proud Aussie who thought it was an absolute privledge to don the baggy green cap and not take it for granted.He loved sharing the aussie team spirit with his team mates always supported them, was not only a great cricketer but a great man. He is a true legend of our game and will be so sadly missed, he is the sort of player who you want to stay in the game of cricket in whatever capacity. All the best Matty and please stay in cricket
What a role model for our kids, and inspiration for young adults, family man great all rounder in more ways than one. We owe him heaps. Wish there were more like him out there. Have a great time with your family, enjoy fising, cooking and whatever comes your way.

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