Gallen just protecting his little brother
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08:00 AEST Tue Oct 30 2007
  Have your say on whether sportsmen are targets for trouble makers.

NSW State of Origin forward Paul Gallen claims he was only looking after his little brother when an alleged assault took place in the early hours of Monday morning.

News Limited papers report that Gallen has defended his actions, while Cronulla chief executive Tony Zappia claims the alleged victim demanded $50,000 to resolve the drama.

"He was mouthing off at my little brother and then he started mouthing off at me," Gallen said.

"He turned around and grabbed me and threw a punch. I head-locked him and threw him to the ground.

"If I get charged then I get charged but I did nothing wrong except stick up for Steve.

"I'd do the same thing next week. He's my little brother and you always help out."

Zappia confirmed he received a call from someone claiming to be alleged victim Cameron Davies and asking to be paid a sum of money to resolve the issue.

"A person contacted the club and said the matter would be resolved for $50,000," Zappia said.

The club will not be making the payment and Davies denies making the call.

Police confirmed they were investigating an incident outside a Cronulla bar/restaurant at 1.30am on Monday.

Alleged victim Davies told Channel Ten he was attacked after a dinner with family and friends.

"Paul Gallen took it upon himself to run at me and physically take hold of me round the throat area," Davies said.

"He struck me once round the face area, he then placed me in a headlock and hit me again with a closed fist, and then he proceeded to eye gouge my left eye.

"It's pretty sore, I've got two scratches across the eye and that's the eyelid and the actual eyeball itself.

"It is pretty red, pretty pussy, sore and (there's) discomfort.

"The doctors assure me it should be ok in the next 6-7 hours."

Davies told channel Nine he'd had a few words with one of Gallen's group.

A police spokeswoman confirmed they were investigating a complaint.

"Security personnel from the restaurant separated the men and a 29-year-old Cronulla man has walked to Cronulla police station and reported the matter," the spokeswoman said.

"An ambulance was called for the man who was taken to Sutherland Hospital suffering facial injuries.

"Investigations are continuing."

Zappia said the Sharks would not condone anti-social behaviour by any player, nor would the club pre-judge an incident solely on the basis of an accusation.

The club said it would keep the NRL informed of all outcomes.

Is Paul Gallen the latest victim of an attention seeking trouble maker?
Should sportsmen stay at home and avoid the public completely?
Is this another case of footballers and alcohol being a dangerous mix?

User comments
What a crocka.. another loser trying to make quick bucks at the expense of a persons Popularity............ Grow Up loser......
Once again we have an incident with a league player involving poor public conduct. When is the NRL going to get serious about protecting its image and produce a code of conduct similar to the NFL in the States. Gridiron players who misbehave anyway that is bad for the game be it voilence, alcohol or drugs are dealt with very severly. This is not to say that all incidents will stop, but it may make the players think twice before they doing anything
he's only human, because he's a sports star he can't stick up for his family?? what a joke. then the rorting 'victim' has the hide to ask for $50,000 to keep it quiet... he should be charged with blackmail. should have popped a few more in paul!
This Davies guy sound like he picked the fight , lost the fight and went away crying like a baby to the media, Be man enough to walk away and let it go GIRLFRIEND.How stupid do ya feel? Gallen your a champ, go the SHARKIES!!!!!!!!!1
It is becoming more common for people to incite football players knowing that it will be all over the papers the next day whether it be accusations of sexual assault or physical violence, these people think that they can demand hush money.If Paul Gallen was guilty why did this guy demand $50,000 and also go to the press? What was the $50000 for?
Sorry but I don't see what the problem is, if you are going to mouth off you have to be ready take the consequences I would have done the same in Gallens shoes. These pathetic people hide behind the police everytime but only the police have the rights to charge them when they slander, so we all have to just put up with them I really don't think so. Someone needs to teach them a lesson and this time it just happened to be Gallen next time it maybe you when you have had enough of the fool calling you names.
looks like gallen has assaulted someone who has been verbally doubt he wil be charged...players must know that not all people in the community idol worship them and they must realise they cant take the law into their own hands. Even if he was abusive gallen just cant go and assault someone and say he was defending them.
As a rule stay away from footballers and especially when they are out drinking. These guys are protected and above the law. Footballers have been getting away with murder for far too long.
I think there are idiots all over. If you go looking for trouble, then find it, then whinge about what happens after your a bigger idiot. This is true for both sportspeople and the general public.
This incident reminds me of a another that happened last year involving Tim Smith and a member of the public. It ended up that the guy was lying about what happened and was trying to extort money from Tim Smith. For those who do not remember Smith was cleared and the bloke was a fruitcake making up the story. Same thing with the Gallen incident you will find..
this is a crock of ***...paull gallen was not in the wrong, i personally would have done the exact same thing if it was my brother, paul gallen has had no previous record of this and he seems to be one of those players that stick to football and dont mess around. its the offseason the players are not training yet they are allowed to hit the *** just the same as any australian bloke is that same night there would have been hundreds of fights in different pubs around australia but because it was paul gallen he gets charged and writen about in an article its just stupid and the football players need to be left alone over stupid little things like that kyle Webb
you have to be on your toes these days if your a pro sportsperson as some people will jump at any opportunity to score a free ride!,people know they get heaps of money and think they will pay to keep their name out of the spotlights of the hungry media packs. although this time i think we have a smart mouth idiot, who got "less" than he probably deserved,we also have spoilt brats in our sporting culture that deserve to be kicked out of sport because they deem themselves above the law! we encourage this(Cousins,Johns,....elka Graham,"guilty by association") by simply allowing it to continue! i only wish the end was near, but it's not!!!!
karma-- what goes around comes around. paul gallens lawyers only have to look into davies history and multiple assault charges to see the truth. as a local bouncer ive seen the damage he does to innocent people inside clubs. all he is after is the money. ps. he is up on diff assault charges next week
If a footballer is guilty then they should pay the price, but this incident smacks of another outsider hoping to get a payout and using the publicity of a football player to gain compensation. These incidents should be looked at by the police yes and if the footballer is found innocent then the perpetrator's should be dealt with severely to the utmost of the law, for these days too many idiots are taking advantage of the law to gain false compensation. They hope the clubs will pay out to avoid publicity, well good on this club for making a stand
Seems like another case of a highly paid,highly egotistic footballer treating the public like punching bags.I just wonder what would happen if it was the footballer who copped the hiding? I suspect they would be on assault charges quicker than the blink of an eye,don't you .
If the clubs stopped protecting these people most of the trouble would never happen. Whether the problem is drugs,alcohol or fighting.
Footballers definitely are targetted and Gallen is completely innocent. In fact this individual in question has had some incidents with footballers in the past and has targeted them before. He had an altercation a few years ago with a sharks reserve grader. This is a fact. He also has several AVOs and other assault charges against him. Another fact. In a local fight he once used knuckles and absolutely belted a guy. What a class act! Fact. The brother story is not made up. I have this on 100% authority. Another fact As for footballers being out at 1pm? Is it illegal to be out on a Sunday night in Cronulla at 1pm? He's on holidays at the moment from his job. Are any of you suggesting that you have never been out after 1pm? At this stage no formal police charges have been laid. Mr Davies is in a lot of trouble. Gallen will most likely sue him and his poor character will be shown in the public eye.
I am of senior years. I believe if you leave the "thick headed" buffoon style footballers alone they will not hurt you. I, as everyone can, can think of a number of topline present and past footballers who are decent good living men. The unfortunate thing for the "buffoons", they believe what they hear on radio and see on TV (about themselves). A thing in life I learnt many years ago, if you want to decimate some idiot, the thing to do is GIVE HIM MONEY.(too much money). Need I say more
Dan, Heaven forbid someone be out at 1am in the morning! Oh my, and in the offseason?! How could he! Get over yourself. Im sick of the role model for kids garbage, if you have your kids think of League players as role models, you have some issues..
You have to ask yourself. Why was Paul Gallen out at 1 in the morning. If he had the responsibility of a real job he would have been at home in bed. It seems to be a lot of he said, she said!! I don't believe this is first time I have seen him in the papers for being in a scuffle Time to wise up and be a decent roll model for kids!
and another note. Sharks went to Mr Davies and asked what they could do to "Shut him up" and offered a settlement. ( thats the stuff that should be going to the courts) protecting of criminals
Yes. Of course they are targetted. By disgruntled spectators, braggards and drunks. They are persecuted for doing what other normal morals do at that age. This is all underpinned by a less than useful media who seem to take delight in bringing down those who excell, in what can only be described as a vain effort to big note themselves.
These sportsmen may be targets by trouble makers but why put yourself out there for them. Go out have fun but keep knowledge that these people are out there. Some sportsmen should just drink at home or own parties.
what little you all know. dont comment on what you dont know. i know both parties involved, and the truth will come out shortly. all is on security survelance. you will see what a thug Paul Gallen is. its not about people trying to make money.its about young footballers that cant handle their grog and think they can do what they like. the $50,000 was made up as was the "Brother" story. it took the sharks a day and a half to make up that story! Wake up to yourselves people! just because you see these guys as hero's on the field, wait till you see them off the field after a few beers. ( the worst part is, i'm the biggest die hard sharks supporter there is, and to actuaaly see what these guys do on the drink is very, very sad)
Why should sportsmen have to stay home because some of lesser intelligence and discipline has a go at them and the people that they are around. If Davies provoked the fight to gain compensation for his injuries then he needs to have a good hard look at himself. I am sure that Gallen works hard for money and even harder to keep his reputation in tack. If people, particular young men, are envious, jealous of an elite sportsperson's position in society why don't they do something legitmate to enhance their profile instead of bashing a "celebrity" for personal gain! Grow up Davies!!!
Footballers need to know that they are not above the law.The report reads that a "person" claiming to be Mr Davies rang the club why would someone ring the club after making a complaint to the police it doesn't make sense.The Club looking to shift the focus we know all about that up here in Coffs Harbour.As for the Davies bloke talking to the media why shouldn't he bet the Sharks would be defending Gallen in the same way if it were the other way round.
There is no shortage of wannabe tough guys who think they will make a hero of themselves if they pick a fight with a footballer or even a fighter. If this is what this Dawes character was about he got what was coming to him. If he demanded money from Gallen's club to go quiet on the story he is a blackmailer and should go before a Court.
football stars always get targeted whenever theyre out in public, especially at nightclubs. After a few drinks every average joe would theyre capable of taking on Gallen. Gallen shouldnt be punished especially since happens to most footy stars.
people need to learn self control though when they see someone that they see alot on friday night, sunday arvo or monday night football..eric grothe
If Paul and his brother were being harrassed what can they do. Sometimes some members of the public believe that they have the right to harrass, why should they always get off scott free and the celebrity always have to take the rap. If Paul started it then the same rules should apply to him as anyone else.

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